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Dancers and other fitness zealots are widely encouraged to use these handrails as well in the same easy and effective way.Studio A, Studio 1 and, formerly, the Music Room, contain a pair of ballet barres.One hour of sculpting, toning, and lengthening with our combination of strength, flexibility, ballet technique, yoga and pilates.

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Only Studio Barre Society members can enjoy classes at all studio barre locations for a discounted drop-in price.


Our expert instructors are ready to lead you through a workout that combines the best elements of ballet barre, pilates, functional training and stretching.Dancers must spend hours training to produce a perfect performance.The ballet barre is used for the thigh and seat sequencing (muscles will be feeling the burn).

Barre is a ballet barre-based fitness class that uses a combination of postures inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates to improve posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increase flexibility and reduce stress.PILATES Classes We offer private, semi private and small group sessions which are completely customizable to your ability and goals.

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This class uses a combination of the ballet barre, lightweigh props, your own weight and high repetitions to target and exhaust all major muscle groups targeting working arms, thighs, seat and core.

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In ballet training, the barre is the horizontal handrail dancers grip while perfecting their technique.

In these Barre classes, every exercise is performed on a Ballet Barre.The idea is to warm up the body and prepare it as a dancer would.

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All of this can begin with a simple piece of essential dance equipment called.

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We aim to connect, encourage, and instruct with intentional love and purpose.

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Offering quality dance education to St.Catharines, Fonthill, and the rest of the Niagara Region.

Classes and class packages are not interchangeable at other Studio Barre locations.

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All ballet courses are held at our University District studio at 4556 University Way N.E., the southeast corner of N.E.47th and University Way N.E. Enter through the door on N.E. 47th. Ballet Barre and Exercise.Pilates, martial arts and fitness all use ballet barres for isometric exercising that works on long muscle tension.Ballet dancers use the barre for balance while performing several ballet steps.

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As a physical therapist, I am pleased about how the Bar Method instructors pay such close attention to the body mechanics used in class and how educated they are about the musculature used for each exercise.The ballet barre company supply and install wall mounted dance studio mirrors.

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Adults ( ages 16 and up ) can also take conditioning classes such as yoga.I work under the philosophy that anyone can learn to dance classical ballet, enjoy it and do it well.Ballet Body™ Barre by Roberta Senn is the Only Authentic barre class: the Real, Traditional Ballet Barre Workout used by Ballet Dancers worldwide to warm up, strengthen, and lengthen their muscles.If you have ever wanted to create a ballet studio in your own home, you will want to install at least one ballet barre.

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Every ballet class begins at the barre, a wooden support attached to the walls of ballet studios.